Inmate Wheelchair Specifications
The Perfect Wheelchair for Prison Use or Correctional Medical Services

The Merlexi Craft™ Tamper Proof Inmate Wheelchair is a durable, folding synthetic wheelchair featuring a solid, folding seat and armrests that can be removed or adjusted if required. The flexible solid back offers optimum support without jeopardizing safety and security. FormFold™ seating technology gives the user complete comfort with perfectly-proportioned, solid, contoured seats. Patented, ergonomically-designed full control handles help caregivers maintain a comfortable posture and avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since the wheelchair is not constructed with metal, it also can be used in the shower and will tolerate wet or snowy conditions. The Merlexi Craft™ Inmate Wheelchair molded synthetic wheelchair meets the definition of a “green” product since it is manufactured using a component of recycled material and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Merlexi Craft™ Tamper Proof Inmate Wheelchair Features 
  • Durable lightweight, synthetic molded chair body
  • Color options include red, blue, yellow, green, black or pink
  • FormFoldTM solid, contoured seat
  • Ergonomically designed full control handle molded into chair side
  • Flip-up, adjustable and removable front riggings linked for added stability
  • Adjustable, two-position armrests standard
  • Folds to 13.5" wide with wheels
  • Adjustable seat to floor angle to accommodate individual preferences
  • Adjustable seat-to-floor height and rear axle mounting bracket positions
  • Quick release front rigging optional
Merlexi Craft™ Inmate Wheelchair Specifications
High strength, lightweight, K0004 Recommended

Weight: 33-pound, reinforced polypropylene body Folded
Width: 13.5" Seat, solid contoured: 16-18" Seat
Length: 17-18"
Seat Back: Solid contoured back
Rear Wheel: 24" mag, solid polyurethane tire, 5/8" bearing, fore-aft and up-down adjustable
Caster Size: 8", 5" optional, solid urethane tire
Footrests: Flip-up, interlocking, safety bolt attached
Armrests: Full support, removable, fore-aft adjustable

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Patient Safety Advisory

Veterans Health Administration WarningSystem
Published by VA Central Office
March 22, 2012

Disassembly of wheelchairs in inpatient mental health and emergency department (ED) settings treating patients who have the potential for unpredictable or unsafe behavior (e.g., violence, suicide, etc.) and are not on 1:1 observation

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