Safety. Durability. Customization.
The Inmate Wheelchair

The features of the Merlexi Craft™  Tamper Proof IInmate Wheelchair include a powerful array of benefits for individual inmates as well as for facility staff, guards and contractors. Our revolutionary open wheelchair design enhances the ability of guards to indentify attempts to smuggle contraband, unapproved messages or weapons into secure areas and all but eliminates inmate ability to hide prohibited or dangerous items. Unlike the traditional wheelchairs which were never designed to be used in a prison environment, the Merlexi CraftTM Inmate Wheelchair is constructed of a unique molded synthetic that cannot be fashioned into weapons.

Every Merlexi Craft™ Inmate Wheelchair is built and guaranteed to last up to 3 years, providing a significant return on investment for the responsible unit of government and the individual facility. However, we do not sacrifice safety at the expense of durability. To the greatest extent possible, metal has been eliminated, use of tamper-proof bolts secured with LockTight™ and elimination design features that can be abused or misused.

Merlexi Craft™ Inmate Wheelchairs are not built according to an assembly line, one-size-fits-all philosophy. Instead, each can be customized based on an inmate’s or a facility’s requirements. Size, color, accessories and more can be mixed and matched on every Merlexi Craft™ chair to satisfy specific correctional system requirements.

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Patient Safety Advisory

Veterans Health Administration WarningSystem
Published by VA Central Office
March 22, 2012

Disassembly of wheelchairs in inpatient mental health and emergency department (ED) settings treating patients who have the potential for unpredictable or unsafe behavior (e.g., violence, suicide, etc.) and are not on 1:1 observation

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